“The Belle of Amherst”

Starring GINGER GRACE as Emily Dickinson


The audience is invited into the world of Emily Dickinson, with all of its secrets, eccentricities and passions.  In her own words, Emily says “Every town must have its local character – and that’s what I am!”

Met with surprises at every turn, she puts pen to paper and overcomes daunting challenges. At times, she is compelled to “stop the world” as creativity starts – and her poems come to life in the unique voice that defied the conventions of her time.  It’s a deliriously private world – and Emily Dickinson is our host!

“The production captured what the theatre is all about…the language, the imagination and the ability of an actor to transport us to another time and place.”Jeffrey Rosenstock, Queens Theatre in the Park, New York

Educational workshops, outreach activities and 60-minute school and library versions are also available.