Soul Street Dance

The four young male dancers of Soul Street Dance offer an educational and entertaining class demonstrating and teaching many types of street dance. Breakin’ (break dancing) or what was originally known as b-boyin’ and b-girlin’, was the second recognizable element of Hip Hop to come into existence. Once it became a fad, the competitions went to The Street and onlookers watched and cheered.

Soul Street Dance will work with students on various forms of street dance – such as power moves, weight sharing, b-boyin’ tricks, poppin’ n’ lockin’, tumbling and gymnastics.

These scripted programs only require a performing space.
Soul Street can adapt to any venue!

“THE ART OF HIP-HOP” – Take a fun, funky, fresh journey with Soul Street as they take you through the dynamic world of Hip-Hop – from BBoying, Popping, DJ-ing, Beat-Boxing and more! With original poetry and music, they’ll paint “Masterpieces” cleverly using the floor as a canvas and their bodies as brushes! With DJ spinning and crowd participation, mixed with wit and humor, this is a “must-see show!
(Appropriate for all grade levels – 1st through 12th)

“BREAKIN’ BACK TO SCHOOL” – Where bustin’ moves take on decades past.
Four male dancers perform their special contemporary mix of choreography to the popular music of the decades…ranging from Vivaldi to Michael Jackson.
(Appropriate for all grade levels – 1st through 12th)

“NO BONES ABOUT IT” – These impressive dancers exhibit how the human body accomplishes seemingly super-human leaps and bounds through a network of bones, joints, muscles and the brain. Demonstrating with props and high-energy dance segments, the dancers reveal how signals from the brain tell muscles to stretch or contract allowing our bodies to move the way we want them to.
(Appropriate for Kindergarten – 5th)

“TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS” – Catch the excitement of Street Dance, as these energetic dancers demonstrate its varied styles, discussing the distinctive features and origins of each. This inspirational group of young men, formerly considered at risk, found focus through dance and are now working as professionals. They take students on a high-flying participatory trip from Brazil’s Capoeira to New York’s break dance. The multi-component forms of Street Dance meets the music of the 17th century composer Vivaldi.
(Appropriate for all grade levels – 1st through 12th)