Soul Street Dance

Houston based Soul Street Dance is one of the most dynamic premier street dance companies in existence. Their technical and artistic skills, stage presence and wit allow them to push the performance envelope to an amazing standard of excellence.

Although they are called a “Dance Company”, their talents far outstrip any one category.

In addition to dance, Soul Street performers are actors, athletes, (with uncanny strength), and lately, songwriters and musicians.


Soul Street’s high standard and attention to detail coupled with impeccable business practices earned them the honor of representing The United States of abroad under the auspices of the Arts Envoys touring program from the State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. They have recently completed two tours of the European Eastern Bloc, sharing the joy of dance through workshops and performances with young aspiring dancers from the former Soviet Union countries. They are currently in preparation to represent the U.S. further in an upcoming tour of Haiti.

In all travels they garner goodwill for our country and Houston, Texas by modeling sober, responsible behavior along with open hearts and minds and clean fun that allow them to seamlessly share experience with all cultures.

Soul Street has the amazing ability to totally engage audiences of all ages.

A huge repertoire and outstanding flexibility have earned them the title, “Rock Stars of the Educational Theatre World” and they’re working hard to expand these accolades worldwide!

From educational shows, workshops, full-fledged evening performances or any combination of the aforementioned, Soul Street will leave you speaking of nothing else for days!

Soul Street’s consistent excellence in dance and attention to subject matter has made them one of the top educational outreach groups in this country.


With repertoire ranging from the music of Vivaldi to Rock n Roll to Hip-Hop and every stop in between, Soul Street brings the arts to your facility, huge or intimate, and straight into your heart. They would love to demonstrate this to your audiences in person.

Ever appreciative of their innate talents, they respect their audiences and themselves by continual practice and innovation. (Never a slack moment. Or a dull one either!)

Have a show tailored to your specific needs or just enjoy what they already have at hand.

See for yourself at the NBA All-Star Games or some of the most prestigious theaters in Europe. Soul Street has the goods and always lavishly shares them!

“SOUL STREET DANCE consistently displayed a positive attitude and sincerely appreciated being in our theatre.  In addition to their amazing talent – which clearly inspired our young audiences – they were ideal guests.”
William Wood, Executive Director
Alberta Bair Theater
Billings, MT

“They were princes!  Performances were packed and workshops were great.  Kids and teachers couldn’t stop talking about them.  I definitely want them back for a week-long residency.”
Bert Goldstein, Director of Institute for Arts & Creativity
Wharton Center

East Lansing, MI

“Soul Street Dance wowed audiences with mind boggling fast changing footsteps, front and back somersaults, cart wheels either one-armed or completely in the air, outrageous figures.”
The Siegen Daily – Germany

“Soul Street was INCREDIBLE! I have rarely seen our student audience so “buzzy” with excitement throughout an entire performance. The students were exposed to young, cool men who displayed what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and positive application of creative expression.”
Emily Mahon, Associate Educator
Teacher and Performance Programs
Skirball Cultural Center