The Wright Brothers

This musical biography for Young Audiences follows the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright – America’s pioneers of aviation.  With courage, ingenuity and determination, they make their dream of flying come true!
“This musical takes off in its first moments and continues to soar!”
– Emma Laurence, Department of Theatre
Dance and Film Studies at The Horace Mann School in New York City

Plot synopsis with songs!
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Curtain Music
The scene opens in the Dayton, Ohio bicycle shop of Orville and Wilbur Wright.
As usual, instead of fixing bikes they are working on new, unheard of inventions.

Another Wright Brother Machine
After reading about inventors in Europe working on the development of human flight,
they start to think about the possibilities, despite the dangers involved.  Their sister Katharine thinks they already spend too much time on crazy inventions and not
enough on making the bicycle business a success.

Pay Attention To Me
Wilbur then shares with her his most secret dream of being able to bring the possibility of a flying machine into reality.  The dream of flying.

Meanwhile, their cranky neighbor, Mrs. Weatherby, comes by to pick up the bicycle she left for repair months before.  Orville is a little intimidated by her and tries to make up every excuse possible with no success.

Mrs. Weatherby
The brothers now decide that it is indeed their destiny to make this dream real and begin in earnest to build a machine that can fly.  Starting with gliders they take their dreams and equipment to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. After some success, but a lot more failure, they return to Dayton feeling despondent and at the end of their road. Fortunately, a respected French/American scientist and friend, Octave Chanute steps in to lift their spirits.

Back To The Drawing Board
Back in North Carolina they are finally ready for their historic, first flight. Who will win the coin toss to be the very first human to experience sustained, powered flight?

Find out the answer, and witness the historic flight itself in this Wright Brothers musical guaranteed to send your imagination soaring!